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Producer of preserved plants over the last 15 years, Canopy is known for its advanced preservation techniques and its premium quality plants. Harvester and processor of raw material, Canopy is a company with facilities in France, Georgia, Tunisia, and Turkey for worldwide distribution. Holder of more than 3 patents for preservation processes, its Research & Development department is pushing back the industry's knowledge every day to achieve unprecedented plant quality and durability. As controllers of the entire production chain, their production capacity is optimal to meet international demand. Activist for an Eco-friendly production, Canopy is committed to the protection of the environment, the respect of natural resources, health, and protection of workers.

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Kiara is a family business located in Ecuador, a few kilometers from the capital Quito. This farm historically produces fresh roses of superior quality. Always in search of innovation, Kiara has developed its own flower preservation technique. The founder, Maria Clara, is passionate about fashion and decoration. She has developed with taste a range of chic and trendy colors. Kiara also works a lot on the quality and aesthetics of the packaging, which is both sophisticated and simple. Kiara is constantly evolving and looking to expand its range. New colors, new shapes, roses on stem… The company also develops new flower and plant varieties.

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A florist by training, Benoît Saint-Amand opened his first shop in 2001. After winning the gold medal as Best Apprentice of France, he was awarded the prestigious title of Best Worker of France (MOF) in 2015, presented personally by the President of the Republic. In 2018, he decided to sell his shop to devote himself entirely to the creation of a floral decoration brand dedicated to preserved plants. All his creations are designed with a constant eye for detail, with the elegance and refinement that characterizes him. The choice of raw materials, a contemporary approach and respect for the codes of the florist's trade guide his daily choices.
Through his brand, Benoît Saint-Amand wishes to make the greatest number of people benefit from sustainable and innovative creations. You can find exclusively on SecondFlor, the range of finished products of the Benoit Saint Amand brand.

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The Guirnaldas-Verdissimo group is the largest producer of preserved flowers and plants in the world. The group has sales outlets in more than 40 countries and employs more than 500 people. The group's headquarters is located in Colombia but has production and marketing sites in Spain, Ecuador, and Japan. All the structures cover more than 18 hectares of production fields and preservation plants. Verdissimo controls the entire production chain in order to offer a product of optimal quality, both on the raw material and on the processed product. Since its creation in Paris in 1988, France, the Verdissimo brand has been offering top-of-the-range flowers, foliage and preserved trees for interior design and decoration. For many years, Verdissimo has been striving to continuously develop preservation technologies in order to obtain a unique and reliable product. Since the beginning and thanks to the loyalty of its customers throughout the world, the Verdissimo group has remained the market leader in preserved flowers and plants in terms of range width, production capacity and technology. The company's goal is to provide the benefits of a natural and beautiful product by combining ease of use, ecology, and cost optimization. We work closely with Verdissimo to offer you the widest range of their products.

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In 1998, Vermont invented and patented a unique method for preserving flowers. This specific technology is the result of several years of research and represents an incredible innovation in the world of flowers. Vermont is constantly improving its techniques by testing new varieties of flower and foliage. On the other hand, the production process integrates all social (working conditions) and environmental (filtration and recycling) standards. The Vermont plant is based in Kenya. This East African country is the perfect geographical base for the production of flowers and foliage due to its high altitude and temperate climate, roughly equivalent to the Ecuador. The company creates many opportunities for small local African farms and creates many jobs through the commercial success of its products on the international market. For Vermont, environmental protection, respect for natural resources, health, and worker protection are at the heart of the company's policy.

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EARTH matters


The story of Earth Matters begins in 1960 with the development of a technique to bleach plants. The company's headquarters are located in Japan, in Hyogo Prefecture. The parent company Ohchi Nursery Ltd produces part of the raw material. Some plants are also imported from Europe, the USA, and Asia. Plant preservation is carried out entirely in Japan. Most of the production is destined for the Japanese market, but export demand is growing.
Earth Matters offers a top-of-the-range collection in the world of preserved plants. Their very advanced technology makes it possible to constantly offer new varieties and new color finishes. Earth Matters is also very environmentally friendly. They are pioneers in recycling chemical waste using membrane filtration techniques.

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SecondFlor has selected a range of preserved and dried plants from all over the world. Our plants and flowers are produced to be environmentally friendly. We also place great importance on the working conditions of the employees in our plants.
SecondFlor plants are individually controlled at harvest and after processing. Owner of 3 patents, we are constantly looking for new varieties of plants, mosses, or flowers to preserve.

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