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SecondFlor is a leading wholesaler of preserved roses, renowned for supplying everlasting flowers that maintain their magnificent beauty year after year. The rose, a classic flower rich in symbolism, graces not only every florist's shop but also every garden. Preserved roses, with their delicate nature and aesthetic appeal, are perfect for florists, interior decorators, and anyone involved in the vegetal world. These roses don't wilt, offering a practical and stunning alternative to traditional plants.

As a professional in the floral industry, you recognize the rose's unparalleled influence—it is the most cultivated and sold flower, aptly known as the Queen of flowers. Your customers appreciate its refined beauty and the unique ability to convey varied messages through this single flower. At SecondFlor, we cater to these nuanced demands by providing a selection of preserved roses. Our unique preservation process involves replacing the sap with a preservation liquid, ensuring the roses remain vibrant and fresh for years, making them an original gift option.

To perfectly meet the expectations of your customers, we also offer mixed floral arrangements that combine the timeless elegance of roses with other complementary blooms. This creates a diverse, visually appealing product that serves as an excellent gift for any occasion. By choosing SecondFlor for your wholesale preserved rose needs, you ensure that your offerings include top-quality, durable, and original floral gifts that captivate and delight.

The Symbolism of Magnificent Roses, The Queen of Flowers

The rose, from the Rosaceae family, was considered in Greek and Roman times as a gift from the gods. Depending on the civilization, it could have different symbolism: virginity associated with the goddess Venus, joy with the epicurean Bacchus… But the rose is most often the symbol of love.

Depending on its color, the rose can express different feelings. If red echoes passion, pink translates softness and tenderness, while orange shows a carnal desire.

From professional to professional: If your clients want less than ten roses, remember to make a bouquet with an odd number of flowers. If your client wants to say “I love you” through roses, then only put three! 


The preserved rose for a natural and inventive look

Are you a florist, a plant designer, an interior or exterior landscaper? Then your professional activity leads you to make different creations featuring roses: floral composition, green wall or panel, decorative element (like a centerpiece), etc.

By choosing a preserved rose, you will be able to offer a high quality composition to your customers. Thanks to an ecological process, the preserved rose offers indeed a bluffing natural result, with shimmering colors and a perfect aestheticism. But the major advantage is that this product allows you to make your creations sustainably! Your customers will be able to keep their preserved roses for several years, without having to care for them, water them or worry about the color fading.

The preserved rose, like the fresh flower, is characterized by its elegance, refinement and finesse, with a very practical aspect. As a professional, having everlasting roses greatly facilitates your stock management, a point not to be underestimated for your business.

And because each of your customers has different expectations, SecondFlor has made sure to provide you with different models of preserved roses. You can choose among numerous sizes (from XS to XXL) and lengths (0-20 cm or 20-40 cm) but also multiple colors: red, pink, white, gold, silver, blue, black, green, yellow, brown… This variety can be perfectly combined with other preserved flowers: gypsophila, erica deliciosa, broom, hydrangea, orchid… You can let your creativity run wild and make unique creations that will not wither!

Both aesthetic and practical, the preserved rose has many advantages, both for you and for your customers. We are at your disposal to answer your questions and share advice adapted to your business!

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