SecondFlor, the world wholesaler of preserved flowers and plants, offers a wide selection of original and colorful preserved flowers to spark your creativity, as thistles, gardenias, or tuberous dahlias, displaying all a rare beauty. 

A preserved flower is primarily a long-lasting flower ; a great asset to seduce your customers with originality!

A wide selection of flowers

If preserved roses are a major product of SecondFlor, we also offer many other flowers! You'll find a varied selection of several species. In multiple colors and shapes, these preserved flowers combine natural beauty with the comfort of preserved plants. No maintenance is needed! Our gardenias, callas, and dahlias will attract attention!

Every accessory you need to boost your creativity

SecondFlor also offers a selection of high quality accessories that will help you create beautiful compositions in a short time. As you could see in our videos and pictures, preserved flowers stay fresh and beautiful as if they were fresh, with the difference that they'll last more.

For orders over 350 USD excluding tax, we offer delivery!

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