SecondFlor is a premier wholesaler specializing in preserved flowers and plants, offering a vast selection of long-lasting products. Among these, our preserved orchids stand out due to their unique beauty and range of vibrant colors, including white, purple, green, pink, and yellow. These exquisite, preserved flowers combine the allure of natural blooms with the ease of maintenance associated with preserved plants, presenting a significant commercial advantage for any shop.

Our preserved orchids are ideal for creating elegant and sophisticated deco flowers, perfect for upscale floral arrangements in any setting. For shop owners looking to enhance their offerings, incorporating these orchids into your inventory can attract a discerning clientele seeking both beauty and durability in their floral choices.

To further expand the creative possibilities, consider pairing our preserved orchids with our other preserved offerings such as roses and moss. This combination allows shops to offer a broader range of floral designs, from the delicate simplicity of a single orchid to more complex arrangements featuring the textured depth of moss and the classic elegance of a rose. Such versatility is invaluable in the floral industry, enabling shops to cater to various tastes and occasions.

For those in the floral business, the preservation of these flowers ensures that your creations remain stunning for a prolonged period, reducing waste and increasing the value perceived by customers. The preservation process not only maintains the orchid's vibrant colors and lifelike appearance but also makes them a practical option for long-term displays in both residential and commercial spaces.

SecondFlor’s selection of preserved orchids offers gold-standard quality for those seeking to enrich their floral assortment. By integrating these preserved flowers into your product line, you can provide customers with lasting beauty and ease of care, setting your shop apart in the competitive floral market.

Discover the beauty of natural preserved orchids!

SecondFlor gives professionals the opportunity to enrich their catalogue with these preserved orchids. They last a long time without losing their beauty and don't need any maintenance. In the language of flowers, the orchid is the symbol of enthusiasm, enchantment, seduction, sensuality and above all… supreme beauty.

Take a look at the variety of our offer and discover other preserved flowers, like our hydrangeas or our eternal roses. They prove that the preserved flowers are as beautiful as fresh ones, with the difference that they can be kept in the same state much longer.

Premium preserved orchids by SecondFlor

Our range of orchids is composed of several varieties such as phalaenopsis orchids, dendrobium orchids and cymbidium orchids in purple, pink, yellow, green, white… Amaze your customers with a wide selection of beautiful and long lasting flowers.

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