SecondFlor is a wholesaler of preserved flowers and plants. We offer a selection of long-lasting products, including orchids, unique by their beauty.

White, purple, green, pink or yellow, SecondFlor offers a wide range of colours of preserved orchids. These preserved flowers combine the beauty of natural flowers and the comfort of preserved plants whose maintenance is far more simple which is an obvious commercial advantage!

Discover the beauty of natural preserved orchids!

SecondFlor gives professionals the opportunity to enrich their catalogue with these preserved orchids. They last a long time without losing their beauty and don't need any maintenance. In the language of flowers, the orchid is the symbol of enthusiasm, enchantment, seduction, sensuality and above all… supreme beauty.

Take a look at the variety of our offer and discover other preserved flowers, like our hydrangeas or our eternal roses. They prove that the preserved flowers are as beautiful as fresh ones, with the difference that they can be kept in the same state much longer.

Premium preserved orchids by SecondFlor

Our range of orchids is composed of several varieties such as phalaenopsis orchids, dendrobium orchids and cymbidium orchids in purple, pink, yellow, green, white… Amaze your customers with a wide selection of beautiful and long lasting flowers.

For orders over 100 euros excluding taxes, we offer delivery in France!

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