SecondFlor proposes natural preserved ferns in several varieties and colors. Preserved fern is a key element of your floral compositions, as it creates many moods and relaxing visual sensations.

Dear professionals, to enjoy the beauty of truly long-lasting ferns in your compositions, discover our selection !

Preserved fern and forest mood

The art of flower arrangement is beyond the strictly visual setting and is a true creator of moods, atmospheres, and themes. Geometric or falsely neglected, overflowing or perfectly lined up, dense or airy, floral compositions with preserved ferns provide a natural touch to your interior.

Our preserved ferns are perfect for interior decoration. For a nice exotic touch, choose Rumora or Ferather.

Showcase your flowers with natural ferns

Ensuring a unique and terribly alive result, ferns soften the overall look of the composition and suggests a nice forest connotation. With its fine leaflets, ferns have an incomparable graphic and scenic quality which highlights the preserved flowers !

To make your floral arrangements true pieces of art, enjoy the wide range of ferns that we offer, and let your inspiration speak for a startling, alive and unique result. Don't forget to check out our other products, like our preserved tumbleweeds !

We ship in all Contiguous United States. And for orders over 350 USD excluding tax, we offer free delivery!

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