SecondFlor proposes natural preserved ferns in several varieties and colors. Preserved fern is a key element of your floral compositions, as it creates many moods and relaxing visual sensations.

Dear professionals, to enjoy the beauty of truly long-lasting ferns in your compositions, discover our selection !

Preserved fern and forest mood

The art of flower arrangement transcends the purely visual, creating moods, atmospheres, and themes that enrich any space. Whether geometric or seemingly neglected, overflowing or meticulously aligned, dense or airy, floral compositions with preserved ferns add a natural touch to your interiors, elevating them from mere spaces to transformative experiences. Our collection includes a variety of preserved foliages, each capable of transforming your environment with just the right fern preserved.

Among our selection, the preserved asparagus fern and the delicate adianthum fern stand out for their feathery appearances, making them ideal choices for those seeking a touch of greenery that is both subtle and striking. For those desiring a more robust presence, our large ferns, including the majestic Rumora and the elegant Ferather, offer lush, expansive greenery. Additionally, the robust leather fern and the graceful leatherleaf fern provide options for those looking to create a focal point in a room or add a rich backdrop to any decor. The plumosus fern, known for its intricate details, and the shimmering argyrea fern add unique textures and hues that can fill any room with a sense of life and vitality.

Quick to install and without maintenance, our preserved ferns are an excellent gift for anyone looking to enhance their home or office. The stems are robust and long-lasting, ensuring that these plants maintain their beauty with minimal care. This practicality makes them a thoughtful gift, suitable for any occasion and ready to bring about a change in any environment.

For a more exotic flair, consider incorporating varieties like the foxtail or ming ferns into your arrangements. These unique types of fern add an interesting texture and form to any composition, blending well with other plants to create a diverse and attractive display.

Visit our shop to explore the full range of options, where you can find everything from the classic fern preserved to more exotic varieties. Our shop is designed to cater to all your preserved plant needs, making it easy to find the perfect plants to complement your existing decor or to start a new design project. Whether you are decorating a private home, a public space, or looking for a special gift, our preserved ferns are sure to impress.

Showcase your flowers with natural ferns

Ensuring a unique and terribly alive result, ferns soften the overall look of the composition and suggests a nice forest connotation. With its fine leaflets, ferns have an incomparable graphic and scenic quality which highlights the preserved flowers !

To make your floral arrangements true pieces of art, enjoy the wide range of ferns that we offer, and let your inspiration speak for a startling, alive and unique result. Don't forget to check out our other products, like our preserved tumbleweeds !

We ship in all Contiguous United States. And for orders over 350 USD excluding tax, we offer free delivery!

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