With our preserved leaves of all sizes and colors, give your floral arrangements rhythm and tactfulness. Genuine natural adornments, the preserved leaves proposed by SecondFlor can quickly become the centerpiece of your creations, and you're sure to surprise your customers by their natural appearance and above all by their incredible sustainability. Preserved leaves have many uses, from the classic bouquet to more sophisticated compositions!

Preserved leaves beautify floral arrangements

Flagship of any floral arrangement, leaves create a visual cohesion and bring a soft natural touch! Because time is the first enemy of the florist and because daily maintenance can quickly become a turnoff for customers, SecondFlor offers a wide range of preserved leaves to boost your inventiveness and bring your creations to the next level. Choose lily pads for a soft atmosphere and a geometrically developed aspect, ivy leaves for a rural and rustic atmosphere or tropical leaves to recall dreams and exotic lands…

Preserved leaves variety

Round, thin, pointed, wide, soft, rough, imposing or discreet… the variety of SecondFlor's preserved leaves is a reflection of what nature has to offer. For a more aesthetic result, fell free to complete your work with a discreet touch of preserved gramineae! Let your creativity shine and give your customers an outstanding atmosphere by mixing our preserved colorful leaves!

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