Offered by SecondFlor in several varieties and colors, natural preserved eucalyptus is an essential element of floral compositions, and allows to create many atmospheres and relaxing visual sensations. Our colorful selection (white, green, or red) creates a pleasant, exotic and lasting floral atmosphere.

Preserved eucalyptus and zen atmosphere

A preserved plant that is 100% natural, maintenance-free, without watering or needing light, the eucalyptus is an absolutely remarkable tree, both for its aroma and its growing silhouette. Whether alone or in a group, in a line or in a curtain, the eucalyptus has enough to seduce many people. So focus on this product with its fresh and woody perfume. Perfectly suited for interior decoration, eucalyptus suggests the tropical forest. Choose our preserved eucalyptus of the Nicoly or Populus type for more exoticism!

Enhance the flowers with eucalyptus

Essential to the creation of your bouquet, your foliage will be necessary to enrich your bouquet of flowers and make it aesthetically perfect. Are you looking for ideas to enhance your decoration? Opt for the lightness of eucalyptus and lead your customers to a soothing and natural atmosphere. The elegance of its leaves will enhance the preserved flowers that accompany it for a lively and unique result. And always, for any order over 350 USD, delivery is free in Contiguous United States!

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