Preserved Baby-Blue Eucalyptus - Green
Preserved Baby-Blue Eucalyptus - Green

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Preserved Baby-Blue Eucalyptus - Green

Reference: SF-RBAB-V

Origin: Italy

Dimensions: L 21.6" - 25.5" (55-65 cm)

Color: Green

Packaging: Bouquet 

Preservation technique: preservation by capillarity (Read more)

Non-contractual indicative values

Natural product. Possible presence of the following features:
  • Slight variation in colour

  • White may be present on the leaves

  • Compressed leaves

  • Some leaves may be damaged

Eucalyptus baby-blue green is ideal for adding a touch of greenery to your arrangements.

General: Preserved foliage are natural. Variations in size, shape, and color may exist between different elements of the same reference. Some parts may show slight defects (damaged leaves, cut branches…).

Use: Can be glued with hot glue or cold floral glue.

This plant can be used as it is or decomposed. You can use the leaves, glue them, roll them.  

Humidity: If the surrounding humidity level is too high, a few drops of color may leak from the foliage. Avoid putting it in contact with porous material to prevent the plant from fading.

Light & heat exposure: Prolonged exposure of foliage to the sun may cause discoloration and drying of the product.

Evolution over time: Over time, foliage tends to wilt more or less and fall slightly.

Foliage color: Food coloring (non-toxic)

The Preserved Baby Blue Eucalyptus is a testament to the perfect blend of aesthetics and sustainability. It brings the beauty of nature into your designs while respecting the planet.

How to use this preserved baby-blue eucalyptus?

Create sophisticated corporate events by incorporating this elegant foliage into tablescapes and stage backdrops. Elevate wedding decor with ethereal bouquets, centerpieces, and aisle runners featuring Preserved Baby Blue Eucalyptus. Contribute to biophilic design trends by incorporating preserved eucalyptus into lush green walls. Design captivating bouquets for gifting or home decor that remain fresh and vibrant year-round. Hereis a non-exhaustive list of options to use eucalyptus as a professional.

Perfect pairings for eucalyptus

Preserved Baby Blue Eucalyptus complements various other preserved plants and flowers from

  • Preserved Roses: Combine the delicate allure of preserved roses with the freshness of baby blue eucalyptus for romantic arrangements.
  • Lavender Bouquets: Infuse your designs with a touch of purple and the calming scent of lavender paired with baby blue eucalyptus.
  • Preserved Ferns: Add texture and depth to your creations by mixing in preserved ferns, creating a lush and dynamic look.
  • Olive Tree Bouquets: Combine the subtle elegance of olive tree foliage with the airy charm of baby blue eucalyptus for a Mediterranean-inspired aesthetic.

Make the sustainable choice

Choosing Preserved Baby Blue Eucalyptus isn't just an aesthetic choice; it's a sustainable one. By opting for preserved foliage, you reduce waste, conserve water, and decrease your environmental impact. This eco-conscious choice also offers longevity, eliminating the need for constant replacements and reducing overall costs.

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