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I discovered preserved flowers through a request from a couple. I put my trust in SecondFlor for this wedding. It was a success and I received both of my orders quicker than I expected. I will definitely offer preserved flowers more often for my clients' events.

Sheila, wedding planner in New York, NY

It's always a good shopping experience! I don't even have to ask for a discount, it's automatic. My margins have never been higher.

Denise, floral designer in Sacramento, CA

After trying many suppliers all around the world, I have finally found high quality moss that I can use for all my projects. Cherry on top, they are located in the US. SecondFlor is clearly the top expert of preserved moss !

Larry, interior landscaper in Chicago, IL

Shipped from our Warehouse in Lawrenceville, GA

4 most important questions
What are preserved flowers and plants?

Preserved flowers and plants are 100% natural. Their sap has been replaced by a natural and sustainable alternative. This new sap is as supple as the original one and does not evaporate: the plant does not dry out.

Find on our website some explanations on the advantages of preserved plants, as well as the different preservation processes and under what conditions they are used. Preserved flowers and plants are eco-friendly from their cultivation to their arrival in your shop: discover our commitment to the environment here.

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The good news is you don’t need to be a florist to buy the best preserved flowers and plants on the market. Whether you are an interior designer, an event/wedding planner, a businessperson, an artist, or a professional looking to decorate your premises – you’re in the right place.

Our team of experts has put together tips, interviews, inspirations & more for all pros in dedicated business files and in our specialized magazine.

How long does preserved flowers last?

When it comes to preserved flowers and plants, we prefer to talk about the “quality of life” or “duration of use”. As they are natural products that went under unique preservation processes, it is impossible to give an expiry date. Some plants last longer than others – some lose their color slightly, others darken, curl up…

All you need to know is that under optimal conditions of use, preserved plants and flowers remain beautiful for many years.

Why Choose SecondFlor as Your Wholesale Florist?

Choosing SecondFlor as your wholesale florist means selecting a partner who understands the importance of quality and variety in the flower market. Our extensive range of preserved flowers ensures that whether you are looking for bulk flowers or exquisite floral arrangements, we provide premium options that stand out.

With over 300 flower options, we proudly offer the largest choice of preserved flowers and greens, catering to all your needs from wedding flowers to corporate arrangements. Our flower collection includes not only classic roses and blooms but also assorted greens that bring vibrant life to any bouquet. The care and precision in preserving our flowers mean they maintain their beauty and form longer than traditional fresh flowers.

As a leading wholesale florist, SecondFlor ensures that purchasing preserved flowers in bulk is not only affordable but also a testament to luxury and quality. Whether it's bulk orders for floral businesses or detailed bouquets for weddings, our flowers are prepared to impress. Our wholesale solutions are tailored for both big events and intimate occasions, providing floral decor that resonates with elegance and longevity.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our service. We understand that timely delivery is crucial; therefore, we offer fast delivery options, free for orders over $350. This, combined with our dedication to providing the best prices in the U.S. flower market, makes us a top choice for bulk and wedding flowers.

Our extensive selection allows florists to compare various styles and arrangements, as well as colors, whether pink, red, or green, ensuring you find the perfect greens and blooms for your clients' needs. From the lush greenery to the colorful assortments of floral beauty, every bulk arrangement we offer is designed to enhance settings and fulfill aesthetic goals.

Floral professionals will find not only quality in our flowers but also inspiration in our diverse and beautifully preserved bulk arrangements. Whether you're crafting bouquets for a series of wedding events or stocking up on bulk flowers for the season's demands, SecondFlor stands ready to supply top-tier, preserved floral products with responsive customer service and reliable delivery.

Experience the difference with SecondFlor – where beauty is preserved.