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Durable, beautiful all year round, maintenance free… the advantages of preserved moss are endless! Professionals, if you are looking for an aesthetic and natural material for the decoration and design of plant walls, the preserved plants we offer are ideal! Combined with other products such as preserved flowers or foliage, our mosses will allow you to create beautiful pieces to please your customers. Get wholesale prices directly on our website.  

As part of your professional activity, you are required to create various compositions: table ornaments, green walls or panels… Call on preserved moss for a unique and lasting result! 



Whether you are a florist, interior decorator, architect, plant designer or in the event industry, your goal is to offer floral creations that meet your customers' expectations. This requires creativity and the use of high quality preserved plants. Our products are available on bulk. You can also order smaller boxes in order the see a sample before ordering for a big project. Compared to preserved sheet moss, our preserved product are the best quality to bring the nature indoor.

Your customers are particularly sensitive to aesthetics and naturalness, but also to the longevity of your creations. Preserved mosses are a high value-added solution for this! Thanks to our process, it is possible to keep them for several years (which is also an advantage for your stock management).

Among the many varieties of plants that can be preserved, you can choose moss in particular: a small, rootless chlorophyll plant (of which there are more than 900 natural species). It is a very trendy and essential element in your compositions. It can be used as the main component of a creation or as a background for other varieties thanks to its covering aspect.

Preserved bulk moss will allow you to bring the necessary greenery to your creations, but also texture, freshness, and serenity. It is important to remember that moss is widely used in Japan, for example, to create Zen gardens because it is a symbol of fertility and softness.

You can thus use preserved moss to create a green wall or panel, a floral composition or an unusual graffiti wall. 



You may know about the plant walls trend, but did you know that this concept, called "Biophilic Design" goes far beyond aesthetics?

What is it? Biophilic Design aims to reconnect interior spaces with nature, whether through the use of organic materials, soothing colors or an intelligent arrangement of plant elements.

Why does it work? Lately, Biophilic Design has become an essential part of interior design. The many benefits of this reconnection with nature in enclosed spaces (offices, homes, etc.) have been proven in terms of productivity, well-being and respect for the environment. And it's a trend that is set to gain even greater momentum in the next years.

How does SecondFlor help you? Start or continue your Biophilic Design adventure with SecondFlor, and explore innovative ways to bring nature into your designs in the most sustainable way. Find inspiration all year round with our new products and surf the trend where you won't be expected. As a preserved moss supplier for professionals, we make every effort to offer you the best choice. In addition to mosses, you will find on SecondFlor many varieties of preserved plants such as ferns, amaranthstropical leaves or eucalyptus.


Because you need to be creative and resourceful in order to perfectly answer your customers' orders, SecondFlor proposes a large catalog of bulk preserved moss.

You can choose from flat moss, long moss, ball moos, fern moos, preserved mood moss and other stabilized mosses… Our preserved reindeer mosses (also known as lichen) are also a must-have for whom wants to embrace the biophilic design trend. Moreover, you can find these varieties in many colors, from the most traditional (natural, green, or brown) to the most original (white, black, blue, yellow, pink…)! You can therefore create in complete freedom, without any restraints, and create customized compositions for your customers according to their expectations. Colored reindeer moss is a perfect product to meet your customers' expectations. 

Thanks to the ecological preservation process, the moss keeps its freshness for many years and its color does not fade over time. Your customers will also enjoy the ease with which preserved moss can be cared for. It does not require any specific exposure to light or watering!

Choosing preserved moss has many advantages for you (and your customers!). You can easily mix it with foliage or flowers, such as preserved tree fern, preserved eucalyptus, preserved ivy, preserved roses, gardenias, scabiosa stellatas, hydrangeas, etc.

Don't hesitate to contact our customer service to talk to professionals in the field of preserved flowers. They will share their expertise with you and advise you on the varieties that best suit your objectives.

Buy preserved moss wholesale on our website 24/7, we are here to help you satisfy your customers.

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