SecondFlor offers professionals a collection of preserved amaranths available in several colors. Our flowers are distinguished by their premium quality and their freshness. Because they are preserved, they will last much longer than a normal plant without any maintenance.

With its cascading shape and different colors (green, red, burgundy, pink, yellow, black), the preserved amaranth proposed by SecondFlor is a must for all floral artists. Amaranth is versatile as it is appreciated in religious, professional, and family occasions.

Amaranth symbolizes immortality

Amaranth (which can be also written “Amaranth”) is mainly from tropical and temperate regions of America and Asia. Amárantos in ancient Greek means immortal. Indeed, we often hear that this flower does not fade! It is therefore ideal to wish long life to a loved one or just to recover from an illness. Red amaranth symbolizes loyalty and longevity of couples. It also symbolizes trust, loyalty, and seduction. On a plant table, amaranth is ideally combined with other preserved sheets like ferns.

Discover our preserved plants

Whether you are a florist, interior decorator or a designer, do not hesitate to contact us. We are able to provide the best preserved flowers and plants to make your works shine! We ship in Contiguous United States and offers free delivery for orders over 350 USD.

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