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Offer your customers durable and surprising floral creations that are sure to fulfill all their desires while standing out from the competition. Choose preserved flowers!

Whether you are a plant designer, a florist, an interior decorator or an event organizer, your goal is to meet your customers' expectations and ensure their full satisfaction. To do so, you have to be creative in your compositions in order to make them unique. But have you thought about preserved flowers? They bring a real added value to your creations: thanks to an ecological process, they offer a perfectly natural appearance but above all last for several years! Find out the many advantages of these preserved flowers, whether for you or your customers.



The greening of workspaces appeals to many companies. Just look at the number of green walls or panels that adorn offices, reception halls or reception rooms! As a professional, you have to produce different types of ornamental or decorative creations.

To do so, you choose quality products in order to offer a result in perfect compliance with your customers' expectations. However, the challenge is also to provide them with a sustainable product and this is where preserved flowers come into play.

These preserved flowers are subjected to an ecological process where the sap is replaced by a glycerin-based liquid that allows the flower to be preserved for several years. The look of preserved flowers is very different from that of a dried flower, since preservation keeps the appearance of a fresh flower, both in terms of colors, which retain their brilliance, and in terms of touch.

You will be able to propose products that keep the aesthetic qualities of the flower, but without the disadvantages: it does not wilt and does not require any maintenance. Preservedflowers do not need to be watered or exposed to light. Their practicality is thus a real added value that you can offer to your customers.


Preserved flowers have many benefits, both for your customers and for you. In particular, they will make it easier for you to manage your inventory, but also to produce your arrangements.

Moreover, you can meet all the expectations of your customers because SecondFlor offers a large catalog of preserved flowers. You can choose among other things :

For optimal quality, we have also decided to provide these flowers in various sizes and lengths, but also in different colors. You can find blue roses, orange dahlias, yellow craspedias, green orchids, purple chrysanthemums, white carnations… This way, you have access to all the preserved flowers you need to express your creativity freely!

You also benefit from services adapted to your professional activity. We are committed to delivering to you as quickly as possible. Our customer service, made up of professionals in the field of preserved flowers, is available to answer your questions and share its expertise.   

Think about preserved flowers, but also about foliage or moss to give a new dimension to your professional activity!

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