SecondFlor offers a wide range of gypsophilas in different shapes and colors, with a quality / price ratio among the best in the market. As a professional, you'll surprise your customers with these lovely gypsophilas, also known as baby-breath.

Our flowers give a subtle touch to all your creations and decorations. The preserved gypsophila is everlasting, allowing your customers to enjoy it longer.

Gypsophila belongs to the family of Caryophyllaceae. It symbolises happiness. Its light flowers emerge on very thin stems to bring lightness and luminosity. Gypsophila is perfect to decorate your bouquets and other floral arrangements. It is also extremely charming when it is used in large single-flower bouquets. The result is very romantic! For more diversity, we offer this flower in many colors (pink, yellow, purple, etc.)

Order Preserved Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath) for Festive Occasions 

Gypsophila, commonly known as baby's breath, is a favorite for various special events such as births, baptisms, and especially weddings, where it is often featured in bridesmaid's bouquets. The volume and bucolic charm of baby's breath explain its popularity for these meaningful occasions. At SecondFlor, we specialize in offering high-quality gypsophila preserved (it’s like artificial, but 100% natural) to meet the expectations of even the most discerning customers. Our preserved baby's breath maintains its delicate blooms, making it an ideal choice for any floral design.

When used in dried floral arrangements, the ethereal quality of baby's breath adds a layer of texture and volume that enhances the overall aesthetic. Incorporating preserved carnations or eternal roses with baby's breath can introduce additional softness and color to your designs, creating visually stunning pieces that capture the essence of any celebration.

We offer gypsophila preserved in bulk, providing ample supply for florists and event planners to utilize in their creations. The bulk availability ensures that you can maintain a consistent quality across large projects, from table centerpieces to bridal bouquets. Each bloom is carefully treated to retain its pristine white color and delicate structure, making every piece a lasting beauty. If you're interested in a more diverse color palette, we also offer this flower in other colors.

For those looking to place larger orders, we streamline the process to ensure efficiency and satisfaction. Whether you're crafting small, intimate arrangements or large-scale installations, our baby's breath serves as a versatile and enchanting element in any floral composition. By choosing SecondFlor's preserved baby's breath in bulk, you're not just purchasing a product; you're investing in the quality and longevity of your floral designs.

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