Flower arranging is an art that leaves no place to chance. To give free rein to your imagination, enjoy the wide range of small preserved flowers in order to add details to your compositions. Our preserved flowers give nice colorful touches and give life to your compositions.

Make your customers discover the charm of small, colorful preserved flowers!

Complete your compositions with small preserved flowers 

Preserved colorful flowers are more than just a small decorative detail. They bring freshness, softness, and life to your floral compositions, and allow a wide range of combinations. Our preserved flowers are long-lasting and perfectly cut to make your work easier.

Color, freshness, and lightness: the secret of small preserved flowers

SecondFlor offers a selection of the most beautiful preserved flowers composed of Rice flower, Broom, Solidago, Achillea or Limonia … Those different varieties are suitable for numerous occasions. Thanks to our innovative process, we remove the sap of our flowers and replace it with a special liquid that makes preserved plants last longer without altering their beauty. Don't hesitate to try our eternal roses and preserved orchids!

For orders over 350 USD excluding tax, we offer free delivery!

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