Discover our selection of preserved graminaes and make these long lasting plants the basis of your floral compositions and your centerpieces.

Several sizes are available (7.9" to 31.5") and our selection offers multiple colours (white, yellow, orange, red, green). Gramineaes create a pleasant mood with an exotic connotation.

Highlight the contours of a creation

Gramineaes which are also known by the name of poaceae are plants whose aesthetic qualities vary depending on the chosen variety. Indeed, while some gramineaes allow to highlight the contours of a creation, others give it a natural look, almost wild. Our gramineaes can be used in association with preserved amaranths.

Various types of graminaes

We offer a wide selection of graminae that will seduce your customers by their softness and sustainaibility. From Bear Grass (available in green or white) to miscanthus, through papyrus or Gynerium, our selection includes various types of gramineas. Order your 100% natural preserved grass at SecondFlor and get it delivered within 24 to 96 hours! 

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