Did you think of preserved lichens for your plant tables or walls? Lichen is going to surprise your customers and give pep to your flower arrangements.

To unleash your imagination, SecondFlor offers lichens in different colors, from natural for a lush effect to more fanciful colors: blue, black, orange, green, or purple.

Scandinavian Lichen Moss

SecondFlor provides a variety of preserved Scandinavian lichen, also known as reindeer moss, which is a product of the symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae. This unique moss-like plant is sourced from the serene forests of Northern Europe, where it thrives in the cool, damp climates. Our diverse range of preserved reindeer moss packaging options enables you to craft stunning visual displays and layouts. By manipulating colors and lighting, you can effortlessly create varied atmospheres that enhance any space.

Reindeer Moss is renowned for its delicate, yet robust structure, making it an excellent choice for adding texture and depth to your designs. This type of preserved moss is not only beautiful but also practical, as it requires no water, making it a low-maintenance option for busy settings. It's an ideal component for creating lush, green interior garden themes or serene, minimalist arrangements in both residential and commercial spaces. Incorporating this versatile moss into your projects allows for endless creativity. You can use lichen to fashion intricate garden landscapes or to populate terrariums with a mix of other preserved plants.

Furthermore, the aesthetic appeal of Scandinavian lichen can transform any place into a captivating display of natural beauty. Pairing it with other plants enhances biodiversity and creates a more dynamic interior environment. Whether used in large-scale projects or smaller, detailed compositions, this moss ensures that every creation stands out with its unique charm and vibrant green hues.

By choosing SecondFlor's Reindeer Moss, you're selecting a top-quality product that will bring the tranquil essence of Northern European forests right into your creative endeavors. With our lichen, you can push the boundaries of traditional plant arrangements and explore new, innovative ways to integrate nature into your designs.

Versatile, Multipurpose, and Water Maintenance Free

The preserved lichen from SecondFlor is not only an exceptional choice for dressing decorative objects such as tables or frames but also serves to highlight other objects or plants. Its versatility is highly appreciated, along with its exceptional longevity, offering a maintenance-free option for interior decor. This allows you to bring elements of nature into your living or work spaces without the ongoing care requirements that live plants typically demand.

Moss walls, often sought after for its vibrant, natural appearance, can be entirely made of preserved reindeer moss or complemented by other preserved moss to create textured, visually appealing displays that endure over time without little maintenance. This blend of varieties can produce a dynamic aesthetic that enriches any environment.

Moreover, the use of preserved lichen in combination with other preserved plants can enhance the overall vitality and diversity of a space, providing a multi-layered, green environment that is pleasing to the eye. Its ability to endure various lighting conditions, including areas without direct sun, makes it a versatile choice for decorating spaces that live plants might find challenging.

This unique property of preserved lichen, along with its ability to live harmoniously alongside other plants, makes it an invaluable asset in the creation of lasting, beautiful, and green indoor landscapes. Whether used in a minimalistic style or as part of a more elaborate arrangement, preserved lichen remains a top choice for designers looking to incorporate sustainable and durable natural elements into their projects.

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