« Un Secret » by Benoît Saint Amand - My Love - 1 Rose
« Un Secret » by Benoît Saint Amand - My Love - 1 Rose

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« Un Secret » by Benoît Saint Amand - My Love - 1 Rose

Reference: BSA-SECS-R01

Origin: France

Packaging: 1 case protected by a transparent sleeve

Box characteristics:

  • Dimensions: 3,3"L x 2,4" H x 3,3"D (L 8.3 cm x H 6.1 cm x Depth 8.3 cm)
  • Color: Black cardboard & leatherette
  • Card: 2-panel message card with « leaf » printing

Flower characteristics:

  • Dimensions: Diam. - 2,4" / 6-6.5 cm
  • Color: Pink (also available in red)
  • Preservation technique: Preservation by double immersion (More info)

Non-contractual indicative values.

Natural product. Possible presence of the following features:
  • Petals may be split

  • Sepals may be broken

  • Shorter or partially broken stem

« Un Secret », a creation by Benoît Saint Amand, the best french awarded florist. Its stylish case holds a delicately scented, preserved red rose that includes a 2-part message card in the removable cover. A unique and original gift to present to your customers.

General: Preserved flowers are natural. Variations in sizes, shapes, and colors can exist between elements of the same reference. Some parts may present slight defects (slightly cracked petals, damaged sepals...).

Use: Remove the box from its transparent sleeve and open the lid to write a message on the card. The card can be repositioned in its box or offered separately. The box can be presented with or without its cover, protected by its transparent sleeve.

Light & heat exposure: The flower exposed to direct sunlight, for extended periods of time, may discolor. Exposed to heat, it dries out. 

Evolution over time: Over time, flowers tend to lighten and fade gradually. Dark colors discolor more than the light colored ones.

“Un Secret” by Benoit Saint Amand – “My Love” – a single preserved rose that speaks volumes of romance and elegance.

A product with great storytelling

This exquisite preserved rose embodies a timeless love story, preserved to perfection to last for years, symbolizing everlasting love. Its vibrant red hue exudes passion and devotion, making it a perfect gift for expressing affection and admiration on special occasions like anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or any moment when you want to make your loved one feel cherished.

How to sell Benoit Saint Amand's boxes to your clients?

Indulge in the beauty and luxury of “Un Secret” as it adds a touch of romance to any setting – be it home decor, events, or special occasions. Its delicate petals and stunning appearance create a statement piece that draws attention and leaves a lasting impression on anyone who beholds it. To sell “Un Secret” by Benoit Saint Amand – “My Love” – to high-end clients, it's essential to highlight the product's unique qualities and appeal to their refined tastes. Elevate your gifting experience and enchant high-end clientele with this one-of-a-kind preserved rose – a perfect ode to love and sophistication.

Why all professionals should buy it now?

Don't let the opportunity slip away; “Un Secret” is here to convey your deepest emotions with eloquence and grace. Gift this preserved rose to your loved ones or use it to elevate the ambiance of your venue, and let the magic of “My Love” enchant hearts all around. Embrace the romance with this timeless preserved rose, now available for you at SecondFlor.us – the home of everlasting beauty.

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