Preserved Purple Statice Flower - Bouquet
Preserved Purple Statice Flower - Bouquet

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Preserved Purple Statice Flower - Bouquet

Reference: SF-OSTAT-P

Origin: Ecuador

Dimensions: Diam. 21,6"-23,6" (55-60 cm)

Color: Purple

Packaging: Bouquet 

Preservation technique: Preservation by capillarity (More info)

Non-contractual indicative values

Natural product. Possible presence of the following features:
  • Slight variation in colour

The purple statice is ideal to give a rustic effect to your flower arrangements

General: Stabilized flowers are natural. Variations in sizes, shapes, and colors can exist between elements of the same reference. Some parts may present slight defects (slightly split petals, damaged sepals…).

Unboxing: Remove the elastic band at the base of the bouquet to remove the packaging film

Humidity: If the humidity is too high, a few drops of color may run off the flower. Darker colors stain more easily. Do not put it in contact with another flower or a light colored porous material to prevent it from bleeding.

Light & heat exposure: The flower exposed to the sun for extended periods of time may discolor – Exposed to heat, it dries out. 

Evolution over time: Over time, flowers tend to wither and fade more or less. Dark colors discolor more than light ones.

Flower's color: Food coloring (non-toxic)

Statice, scientifically known as Limonium, is a genus of flowering plants that belongs to the family Plumbaginaceae. This versatile flower is widely recognized for its vibrant and long-lasting blooms that come in various colors, including purple, pink, white, and blue. Statice flowers are characterized by their small, densely packed blossoms and papery texture, making them a popular choice for both fresh and preserved floral arrangements.

One popular variety within this genus is the wavyleaf sea lavender, also known as Limonium sinuatum. This particular statice plant is celebrated for its robust and resilient nature, which allows it to maintain its vivid colors and structure even after being dried. The statice plant produces a multitude of blossoms on each stem, with purple flowers being especially favored for their striking and vibrant appearance.

Florists often choose statice stems for their versatility and durability. These stems can be easily incorporated into a wide range of floral designs, from bouquets and wreaths to more intricate decorations. The papery texture of the flowers adds a unique element to arrangements, while their long-lasting nature ensures that creations remain beautiful over time.

The wavyleaf sea lavender, or Limonium sinuatum, stands out not only for its beauty but also for its practicality in floral design. Its ability to retain color and form makes it an excellent choice for dried flower arrangements, where longevity is essential. The statice plant, with its array of colorful and resilient flowers, continues to be a staple in the world of floristry and crafts, offering endless possibilities for creative expression.

The Perfect & Long-Lasting Bulk Flower Blooms

Preserved statice, like the Preserved Statice Sinuata Bouquet in Purple offered by SecondFlor, undergoes a special preservation process that allows the flowers to retain their natural beauty, shape, and color for an extended period. This preservation technique ensures that each statice flower remains as vibrant and stunning as the day it was picked. Preserved statice is an ideal choice for those seeking long-lasting floral arrangements that require minimal maintenance. Whether you are decorating for a special event or simply want to add a touch of elegance to your client's home, these preserved flowers offer an unparalleled combination of beauty and convenience.

Indulge in the convenience of preserved flowers that require no maintenance and last indefinitely, allowing you to enjoy their beauty long after fresh flowers have wilted. The Preserved Statice Sinuata Bouquet in Purple is perfect for creating exquisite flower bouquets that stand the test of time. These bouquets bring a sense of wonder and enchantment to any setting, making them ideal for a variety of occasions, including weddings. Wedding flowers crafted from preserved statice ensure that your arrangements remain flawless throughout the event and can be kept as cherished mementos long after the day has passed.

For florists and event planners, preserved statice is a practical solution when sourcing bulk flowers. The durability and lasting appeal of these flowers make them a cost-effective choice for large-scale floral designs. By choosing preserved statice, you can create stunning flower arrangements that maintain their fresh appearance, reducing the need for constant replacement and upkeep.

When you shop at SecondFlor, you gain access to high-quality preserved statice flowers that are perfect for any project. Our preserved statice is available in bunches, allowing you to purchase the exact amount you need for your specific needs. Whether you are a professional florist or an event planner, our preserved flowers provide a versatile and reliable option for your floral creations.

Elevate your floral designs with the timeless beauty of preserved statice. From wedding flowers to everyday decor, the Preserved Statice Sinuata Bouquet in Purple offers a captivating touch that lasts. Experience the ease and elegance of preserved flowers, and let your creativity flourish with SecondFlor's exceptional selection.

How to use preserved statice?

In floral arrangements, statice is highly valued for its ability to add texture, volume, and a pop of color. The delicate, intricately formed flowers make a striking visual impact and can serve as a focal point or complement other blooms in bouquets, centerpieces, and floral installations. Its versatility and lasting beauty make it an excellent choice for a variety of designs.

Whether used as standalone blooms or combined with other preserved flowers and foliage, statice adds a charming and whimsical touch to any floral design. Its versatility makes it suitable for various occasions, including weddings, parties, home decor, and gift-giving. The unique texture of statice mixes well with other elements, providing a balanced and cohesive look.

To enhance your floral arrangements, consider incorporating preserved statice with other organic elements. For example, pairing statice with dried basil and other herbs can create a delightful and aromatic mix that appeals to multiple senses. The sweet scent of dried basil complements the visual beauty of the statice flowers, making your arrangements more engaging and memorable.

When creating floral designs, it's essential to start with quality supplies. Ensure you have the right tools and materials to cut and arrange your flowers precisely. Using fresh and well-preserved flowers, along with high-quality floral supplies, guarantees that your creations will be both beautiful and durable.

Preserved statice can be used throughout the season, offering year-round appeal. Its preserved nature means it won't wilt or fade, allowing you to enjoy its beauty regardless of the time of year. This makes it an ideal choice for seasonal decor, as you can use it to create arrangements that stay vibrant and fresh-looking for months.

In addition to floral arrangements, preserved statice can be integrated into home decor projects. Consider using it to enhance wreaths, garlands, or even as part of a mixed arrangement in decorative pots. 

When working with preserved statice, it's also important to think about the soil in which your fresh flowers or herbs grow. The quality of the soil can impact the health and vibrancy of the plants before they are preserved. Using organic soil ensures that your flowers and herbs are grown in a healthy environment, resulting in higher quality preserved materials.

Embrace the timeless beauty and enchanting allure of preserved statice in your floral creations, and let its delicate blooms captivate and inspire. Whether you're designing for a wedding, creating home decor, or preparing gifts, the addition of preserved statice and complementary organic elements will elevate your designs to new heights.

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