The maple velvet by LaBotanica Design

The maple velvet by LaBotanica Design

This is the fall arrangements you need to sell in your store: the maple velvet. This piece was designed with the peaceful atmosphere of Japan - preserved plants' country of origin - in mind. Discover this creation made by LaBotanica Design.

The material he used to create the maple velvet

To create the maple velvet, LaBotanica Design used:

  • Homemade base made out in coloquint in white cement
  • 1 bleached branch
  • Maple blossoms with wood glue, which becomes transparent as it dries.

How did he create the velvet maple?

The coloquint he used as a base was covered with preserved lamb ears leaves before the photoshoot. Then he gently peeled off the maple leaves one by one in order to glue them to the branch on the base. This work was very meticulous, detailed and took him a couple of hours to get the perfect result he wanted.

Discover other works here on our specialized magazine.

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