Preserved Japanese Maple - Red
Preserved Japanese Maple - Red

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Preserved Japanese Maple - Red

Reference: SF-02245-300

Origin: Japan

Dimensions: L 9.8"-11.8" (L 25-30 cm) 

Colour: Red

Packaging: Bag

Preservation technique: Stabilization by capillarity (Read more)

Non-contractual indicative values

A long branch of maple, with characteristic colored leaves, ideal to bring volume to your compositions.

General: Preserved foliage are natural. Variations in size, shape, and color may exist between different elements of the same reference. Some parts may show slight defects (damaged leaves, cut branches…).

Use: Can be glued with hot glue or cold floral glue.

This plant can be used as it is or decomposed. You can use the leaves, glue them, roll them.  

Humidity: If the surrounding humidity level is too high, a few drops of color may leak from the foliage. Avoid putting it in contact with porous material to prevent the plant from fading.

Light & heat exposure: Prolonged exposure of foliage to the sun may cause discoloration and drying of the product.

Evolution over time: Over time, foliage tends to wilt more or less and fall slightly.

Foliage color: Food coloring (non-toxic)

Japanese maple for moments inscribed in time

In interior design, Japanese red maple is a preserved foliage with a contemporary look that captures attention and adds character to the room. For wedding venue or event decoration, Japanese maple allows wedding planners to create a wide range of floral arrangements that will surprise guests and their guests. And for florists, this voluminous foliage is the best way to have a natural product with beautiful red colors to decorate beautiful floral arrangements. To do this, you can add small Japanese maple leaves mixed with flowers. Your guests will feel like they are dining in nature while still looking fancy!
Perennial and elegant, the Japanese red maple is very appreciated for its intense color and its lacy, autumnal foliage. It will delight professionals of oriental and rustic decoration.

What plants and flowers can you use your preserved red maple with ?

Japanese maple belongs to the family Sapindaceae. Its name is attributed to different species of maple. With its slightly sloping shape and its foliage which displays a beautiful orange-red hue incomparable, the maple of Japan will perfectly complete other plants. Preserved, the maple is the key element of all oriental and autumnal inspired decorations. It symbolizes happiness and independence of spirit. Combined with red salal or white mistumata, it becomes the ultimate accessory to decorate centerpieces in a subtle and elegant way. It will bring a warm air to the most precious events. Japanese maple can be combined with any color. You can use it freely in many settings. For romantic events, choose roses as a sign of sincerity and love while keeping it simple, as Japanese maple is itself very elegant and refined.

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