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From rose stems to preserved eucalyptus in bouquet including preserved ming fern, preserved amaranth or preserved ivy leaves, SecondFlor offers an amazing range of more than 70 preserved high quality foliage in different sizes for classic, design or exoctic atmospheres.

Are you looking for long-lasting leaves and foliage to help you customize your compositions? Our selection is for you!

70+ preserved foliage

They bring the pleasure of seeing beautiful greenery at home or at work, but plants involve numerous constraints of brightness and watering… Unless they are preserved! Give your customers awesome natural convenient environmentally friendly preserved plants!

SecondFlor is a wholesaler of preserved plants and flowers. We offer high quality preserved foliage at attractive prices to professional florists and interior designers. Find out our range of over 100+ preserved foliage, perfect for your customers' floral compositions and plant-covered walls.

Brighten up your compositions with all kinds of preserved foliage

Our selection is composed of the best preserved foliage including preserved ferns, preserved eucalyptus, preserved amaranths, preserved graminaes and preserved grasses like miscanthus, papyrus, bear grass (green, red, yellow, orange, and white) or gynerium. Your floral compositions and plant-covered walls will reach the next level with our range of preserved mosses.

We ship in Contiguous United States, and for every order higher than $350 (tax free), we offer free delivery. 

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