Preserved & Opportunities n°1 - "Hotels & Restaurants"
Preserved & Opportunities n°1 - "Hotels & Restaurants"

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Preserved & Opportunities n°1 - "Hotels & Restaurants"

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Origin: United States

Download our free guide Preserved and Opportunities #01. This file is aimed at professionals of the hospitality industry who want to optimize their decoration with preserved plants. This ultimate guide for hotels and restaurants contains many tips and experts' advice on how to save on raw materials, reduce labor costs and how to offer an eco-friendly decor for your establishment.
We have been experts in preserved flowers and plants for over 15 years, and in this guide we give you all the things you need to succeed.

This report, designed and written by the SecondFlor teams, can be downloaded instantly and free of charge by all the professionals registered on Any representation or duplication, in whole or in part, made without the consent of the author is prohibited.

Our exclusive business file, offering expert guidance on environmentally-conscious decor solutions for public establishments. Embrace the beauty of preserved flowers and foliage, thoughtfully crafted to create stunning, eco-friendly displays.

A guide especially created for hospitality professionals

Created with the needs of hospitality professionals in mind, this business file presents a seamless selection process, ensuring that you find the perfect preserved elements that align with your establishment's aesthetics and brand identity.

Elevate your hotel or restaurant decor with these timeless and sustainable elements, providing a lasting impression of elegance and sophistication. From stunning floral arrangements in lobby spaces to captivating centerpieces for fine dining experiences, the Preserved Opportunities N°1 collection transforms any setting into an enchanting oasis.

Eco-friendly decor that aligns with your brand

Discover how to design captivating entrances, inviting reception areas, and charming dining spaces that leave a positive impact on your clientele while minimizing waste. With preserved floral artistry, your establishment can cultivate a green image that resonates with today's eco-conscious consumers.

Take a leap into sustainable decor with Preserved Eco-Chic and delight your visitors with an immersive experience that aligns with their values. This invaluable resource provides innovative ideas, top-notch advice, and the highest-quality preserved elements to elevate your business while treading lightly on the planet. Transform your public space into an enchanting oasis, promoting environmental stewardship, one preserved petal at a time.

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