Make your Valentine’s Day flowers last forever

Make your Valentine’s Day flowers last forever

Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year, presents both an opportunity and a challenge for florists and businesses in the floral industry. The demand for fresh, vibrant flowers is unparalleled, with couples expressing their love through the language of blooms. However, the logistical hurdles, storage constraints, and the sustainability impact of this day can be daunting for professionals. In this article, we'll explore a game-changing solution to these challenges: preserved flowers.

The challenges of fresh flowers on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a high-pressure season for florists. The demand for fresh flowers skyrockets, requiring extensive preparation, including ordering, processing, and storing vast quantities of delicate blooms. The logistical intricacies can strain even the most established businesses. Fresh flowers have a limited lifespan, and with Valentine's Day falling in the chilly heart of winter, keeping them looking pristine can be an uphill battle. The harsh conditions, extended storage, and transportation to meet the surge in demand make it challenging to guarantee the freshness and quality that customers expect.

The solution: work with preserved flowers

Preserved flowers offer a refreshing solution to the challenges faced by florists and businesses during Valentine's Day. These flowers are fresh flowers that undergo a unique preservation process, which suspends them at the peak of their beauty and freshness. This preservation process replaces the sap within the plant with a biodegradable preservation formula, which allows the flowers to maintain their softness, texture, and vibrant color for an extended period, often years.

5 benefits of selling preserved flowers for Valentine’s Day

  1. Preserved flowers can be prepared well in advance of Valentine's Day, ensuring that florists have fresh-looking inventory to meet the surge in demand.
  2. Fresh flowers have to be ordered in large quantities to meet the demand, often leading to excess, unsold blooms. Preserved flowers eliminate this waste, as they can be stored and reused for future occasions.
  3. Preserved flowers come in various forms and colors, and they're highly versatile. Florists can create unique and long-lasting arrangements, tapping into their creativity without the stress of time constraints.
  4. Using preserved flowers reduces the carbon footprint of the floral industry during peak seasons. This eco-friendly approach resonates with customers increasingly concerned about the environment.
  5. Customers receive a product that not only looks fresh, but will stay beautiful for years. This not only meets, but exceeds their expectations.

Overcome customer perception and learn about your product

One challenge florists may encounter is customer perception. Many still equate preserved flowers with dried flowers, which can be seen as less desirable. It's crucial for professionals to educate customers about the differences. Preserved flowers maintain the look and feel of fresh blooms, making it vital for businesses to communicate the value of longevity and environmental responsibility. You need to learn about preserved flowers and their specificities to sell them properly and at the right price to your customers. To do so, we wrote dozens of articles for you to better understand preservation techniques, and so on. Take 5 minutes to go through them and call SecondFlor if you need anything.

Buy preserved flowers

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