Preserved Eucalyptus Populus - Green
Preserved Eucalyptus Populus - Green

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Preserved Eucalyptus Populus - Green

Reference: SF-RPOP-V

Origin: Italy

Dimensions: L. 23,6"-27,5" (60-70 cm)

Color: Green

Packaging: Bouquet

Preservation technique: Preservation by capillarity (Read more)

Non-contractual indicative values

Natural product. Possible presence of the following features:
  • Slight variation in colour

  • Some leaves may be damaged

The green preserved Populus eucalyptus is ideal to add volume to your compositions. It is perfect as a filler in floral arrangements, and also alone in a vase for decor purpose.

General: Preserved foliage are natural. Variations in size, shape, and color may exist between different elements of the same reference. Some parts may show slight defects (damaged leaves, cut branches…).

Use: Can be glued with hot glue or cold floral glue.

This plant can be used as it is or decomposed. You can use the leaves, glue them, roll them.  

Humidity: If the surrounding humidity level is too high, a few drops of color may leak from the foliage. Avoid putting it in contact with porous material to prevent the plant from fading.

Light & heat exposure: Prolonged exposure of foliage to the sun may cause discoloration and drying of the product.

Evolution over time: Over time, foliage tends to wilt more or less and fall slightly.

Foliage color: Food coloring (non-toxic)

Preserved Eucalyptus Populus is meticulously preserved to retain its lush green color, supple leaves, and last longer. Each stem is carefully harvested and undergoes a preservation process, ensuring it maintains its natural grace for years to come. Whether you're an event planner, florist, interior designer, or simply an enthusiast of sustainable decor, this preserved foliage is a must-have.

Applications of Preserved Eucalyptus Populus

Preserved Eucalyptus for weddings and events

Craft captivating bridal bouquets that exude freshness and vitality, a perfect complement to any wedding theme. Create stunning archways adorned with Preserved Eucalyptus Populus for a natural, romantic ambiance. Impress clients and colleagues with sophisticated event decor featuring Preserved Eucalyptus Populus. Create memorable holiday displays that capture the essence of the season.

Interior decor with preserved eucalyptus

Elevate home interiors with the timeless beauty of eucalyptus. From vases to wreaths, this preserved foliage adds a touch of nature to any space. Design striking table centerpieces for special occasions or everyday elegance.

Other applications with preserved eucalyptus populus

Enhance visual merchandising in retail spaces with captivating window displays and in-store decor. Transform restaurant spaces into inviting havens with Preserved Eucalyptus Populus arrangements. The sky is your only limit.

Perfect pairings with preserved eucalyptus populus

Preserved Eucalyptus Populus harmonizes beautifully with a range of other preserved and dried botanicals from

  • Dried Lavender Bundles: Combine the calming aroma of dried lavender with the invigorating scent of eucalyptus for a sensory delight.
  • Preserved Baby's Breath: Add delicate, cloud-like clusters of preserved baby's breath to your arrangements for a soft and dreamy look.
  • Dried Pampas Grass: Mix the ethereal grace of dried pampas grass with the vibrant greenery of eucalyptus for a striking contrast.

The sustainability advantage of preserved eucalyptus populus

Choosing Preserved Eucalyptus Populus isn't just an aesthetic choice; it's a sustainable one. By opting for preserved foliage, you contribute to environmental conservation by reducing the demand for fresh-cut greens. This eco-friendly choice helps conserve natural resources and reduce waste, making it a responsible and forward-thinking option for the modern professional.

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