The chrysanthemum is a flower of the Asteraceae family. Its name comes from the Greek word chrysanthemon, which means golden flower. 

Due to its popularity, it is an essential flower in any flower shop. But to distinguish yourself from the competition, you can offer your customers preserved chrysanthemums, whose beauty does not perish with time!

A refined selection of preserved chrysanthemums

Natural chrysanthemums are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The floral creations with preserved chrysanthemums last longer and have an excellent commercial potential. Moreover, you'll be able to prepare your creations in advance, which is convenient to organize large orders! Surprise your customers and differentiate yourself from the competition by floral compositions with preserved chrysanthemums!

Unique creations !

Enjoy these unique and charming flowers thanks to our selection of preserved chrysanthemums, and dare innovative and refreshing floral arrangements! Several varieties are available (Anastasia, ping pong), allowing unique and creative creations that are sure to surprise your guests, whether you are a  florist or a designer of green walls. For more creativity, use chrysanthemums in combination with preserved carnations or eternal roses! 

For orders over 350 USD excluding taxes, we offer delivery!

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