What a year! We are grateful for the 12 months since the launch of our website. Every day, we do our utmost to help you succeed in your business. We didn't want to celebrate this first anniversary without you. 

Join the party and enjoy 10% off on our best sellers.

Preserved red and white roses, preserved reindeer moss, preserved hair moss, and more foliage are on sale for the whole month of April! 

As a wholesaler of preserved plants, preserved flowers and preserved moss we make it a point of honor to offer the best price for all products, whether sold individually or in bulk. This promotion is cumulative with quantity discount so you are getting the best deal for your business!

SecondFlor sells wholesale moss and wholesale flowers to all professionals in the contiguous United States. You can buy bulk flowers, bulk roses, bulk mosses online directly on our website. We also have a range of dried flowers at a wholesale price. Our preserved products have all the benefits of artificial plants or silk flowers but they are real natural products. 

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